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BGL adds actuarial provider to SMSF software


BGL adds actuarial provider to SMSF software

Self-managed super fund (SMSF) software firm BGL Corporate Solutions has added Bendzulla Actuarial to its actuarial certificate providers.

In May this year BGL upgraded its service to allow integration of an actuarial certificate into an administrator's SMSF software.

The firm's Simple Fund software automatically provides the data and supporting documents to Bendzulla Actuarial, which then provides the certificate to the client, BGL stated.

Actuarial certificates provide administrators with the percentage of income that is exempt from fund income tax for members receiving a pension, and this percentage is saved in the appropriate place in the software, according to BGL.

BGL managing director Ron Lesh said the firm would add further actuaries to the certificate process in the coming months.

Since incorporating the actuarial service more than 1,800 certificates have been obtained through this process, according to BGL.


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